Acclaimed post-hardcore band, At The Drive-In combines unpredictable beats with and unique musical depth and originality. The band from Texas released a pair of EPs before "Acrobatic Tenement" (1996), "In / Casino / Out" (1998) and "Relationship of Command" (2000), work that generated even more hype and influenced the subsequent generations, but didn’t stop the group from taking an indefinite break.

After the split in 2001, Bixler and Rodriguez-Lopez formed The Mars Volta, while Ward, Hajjar, and Hinojos moved foward with the band Sparta. In 2012, to the surprise of all and the joy of their fans, the band returned to live performances and, in 2016, announced a new studio adventure.

"Governed by Contagions" is the already known single from the upcoming new album, the first since 2000, and serves as an appetize for the quintet's performance at Vodafone Paredes de Coura, which, by thy way, marks the band's debut in Portugal.