Fleet Foxes
16 AUG





Although influenced by the American country-rock and the British folk-rock, Fleet Foxes have proven, since their beginning in 2008, to be able to do something really special with this mix of styles and influences. Received with enthusiasm by the critics and the public, the band quickly caught the attention of publishers and released "Sun Giant EP" followed, a few months later, by the self-titled debut album. The record had a profound impact on the international music scene, with entry to countless "Best of" lists, including the ones from Rolling Stone or Pitchfork. 2011's "Helplessness Blues," expanded the Seattle group's exuberant sound and was once again praised by critics, with a nomination for "Best Folk Album" at the Grammys. An acclaim accompanied by the dedication of the public, with the band accumulating followers around the world. "Crack-Up," the highly anticipated third album, arrived six years after the release of "Helplessness Blues" and was recorded in several different places in the United States. The work is the most complex of the band so far, with dense compositions and lyrics and sparkling harmonies that are already the trademark of the group. An example of pop sophistication to see live at Vodafone Paredes de Coura.