The Blaze
15 AUG





Cousins Guillaume and Jonathan Alric drew attention with their film productions and a perspective on dance music that can be sensitive. The process, which the band says takes a long time, can start with the image or the music, but there are common elements: being the ones directing the videos themselves and resulting in something visually and conceptually provocative. A powerful combination capable of provoking a deep cathartic and ripped-off compliments from fans, including world-renowned Moonlight director Barry Jenkings, who described the video of "Territory" as "the best piece of art he's ever seen in 2017."

The Blaze were born when Jonathan asked Guillaume to help create a theme for the video of a school project. The name was adopted to mean something hot, strong, like love and hope, "something capable of destroying stereotypes." The result is a hypnotizing, slow-developing sound that can be seen in "Virile". Keeping the momentum triggered by the first video, The Blaze began 2017 with the debut EP, Territory, where they followed the initiation rite to which they invited us on "Virile". “Teritory” video is yet another amazing production with powerful images and pungent melodies that incorporates the fury of a band whose ability as producer of video and music does not need more presentations.