The National
14 Aug





In the beginning of its international career, the American band performed for the first time on the stage of Vodafone Paredes de Coura in 2005 to the sound of the newly released Alligator. It was an intense show characterised by the melancholy voice of Matt Berninger. The sound of "Mr. November”," Secret Meeting” and "Lit Up” made Matt Berninger, Aaron Dessner, Bryce Dessner, Scott Devendorf, and Bryan Devendorf one of indie rock’s future promises. The waiting is over and the return to music’s natural habitat is scheduled for the first day of the 27th edition, August 14.

Mixing elements of alternative country-rock, chamber pop, as well as post-punk and rock, the early albums made them win a small fan club and critical acclaim in the world music, but it was with the LP Boxer (2007) that the natural band from Ohio made history. The fourth studio album marked the change in the influences of the band with an expansive and orchestral sound to complete the more lyrical and introspective lyrics of the vocalist and composer.

Winner of the National Grammy Award in the category of Best Alternative Album, Sleep Well Beast (2017), the latest album, continues to navigate in vast and instrumental soundscapes. "The System Only Dreams In Total Darkness", "Day I Die" and "Nobody Else Will Be There" are some of the themes that are going to echo at Vodafone Paredes de Coura natural amphitheater.