18 AUG





From the moment they got together a decade ago, Turnstile has never stopped moving forward - and they sure as hell won't look back. The Baltimore band, made up of singer Brendan Yates, guitarists Brady Ebert and Pat McCrory, bassist Franz Lyons and drummer Daniel Fang, immediately set themselves apart with a contagious and aggressive punk vibe, with concerts both welcoming and effervescent. The only constant in the Turnstile universe, aside from love, is progression. GLOW ON, the band's latest album, is a fully realized utopian vision. 15 tracks devoid of boundaries, just abundant imagination and grooves plucked from all corners of the musical spectrum. Hardcore remains at the heart of Turnstile's music - tracks like "BLACKOUT" and "T.L.C (TURNSTILE LOVE CONNECTION)" are testament to that.